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UIS's Library activities

The school’s library is operating with educational materials, online databases, and electronic-digital technologies that meet the needs of professors, teachers, and students.
The library has a rich fund, digital technical and technological supplies, and experienced staff to fully meet the teaching and research demands of its school.
As of the academic year 2020-2021, the structure of the library fund has a total of more than 20,000 books. They are in Mongolian, English, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. The library has 120 seats and 2 reading rooms on an area of 330 m2. Among them: a/. Public, b/. There are research halls. The library halls have an electronic catalog. Provides readers with useful reference information and daily services.

University of International Studies

Library reading room

The school has well-equipped reading rooms: two student reading rooms, an academic reading room, and a fund-archive room. In these reading rooms, students can work independently and get information services from the librarians.

The reading rooms of the school library provide free home delivery services to their students. The reading rooms have a catalog and library of readers’ cards. Reading rooms generally keep textbooks and manuals that are widely used by readers-students, and books with low circulation are usually kept in the fund.

The library provides services to 30-40 teachers and students on an average working day. In addition, we provide reference-bibliographic services to our readers and advertise new books weekly and monthly.

University of International Studies

Libraries fund

The mission of the school library is: To provide high-quality books to the school’s professors, teachers, and students, to provide them with conditions for independent study, and to create a creative environment for educational and research progress.
In 2019, the special building of the book fund was newly equipped and put into operation. The library has a storage capacity of more than 50,000 books and is fully equipped. More than 150 million MNT was invested in this work.
The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology under ISUDS has the advantage of developing and publishing textbooks with modern teaching methods suitable for the development level of the New Century and making them available to young students.
The books and textbooks in the library are classified according to Dew’s Decimal Classification. In line with the latest new techniques and technologies of the library, the work of making the library records in the electronic catalog has been completed, and the lib4U program of the electronic library has been introduced and used for many years. There is an electronic library connected to the Internet network that has introduced ESM software of the library.