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Development of teachers

Human resource development in universities is primarily a concept of developing academic intelligence. For this purpose, each university has its own unique method and corresponding system. We believe that we are achieving certain results with our efforts in the short period of time that we have lived in, the past 25 years.

      1. In order to constantly improve the intelligence, thinking ability, and experience of academic work, teachers use the intellectual resources of their scholars and teachers to write textbooks, manuals, academic-research articles, and monographs/monographs for their students. they are published. For example, our school periodically publishes the works of its scientists and teachers in the “Scientific Papers” series and makes them available to researchers and students.
      2. Independent academic special projects are budgeted for 10-15 years and financed by themselves. During this work
        • Theoretical seminar,
        • Research Conference,
        • Symposium,
        • Theoretical-methodological and teaching method seminars are organized. Financial incentives are given to teachers who participate productively in these events. Also, since the school is a true member of the “World Philosophical Association”, it uploads its academic works to the international website of the “World Philosophical Association”. /fisp.org.national members. Go to Mongolian Institute of Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science.
      3. It is a tradition to appoint representatives of the community to participate in national level international conferences, where scientists publish the works of their teachers and make them available to the public. In this regard, it can be viewed on the website ipsp.mn, which is regularly working on the English-language google network of the academic institute attached to the school.
      4. Focus on talent, select qualified teachers and specialists, and focus on stable employment. It aims to continuously develop human resource capabilities in line with the goals and new needs of the rapidly changing education sector.

The concept of teacher and staff development is clearly and consistently implemented. It includes: