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Introduction of university of international studies

The founder -President D.Dashpurev
State Honored teacher of Mongolia Professor, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences.

Message from the founder- president

Dear Friend, I am pleased to welcome you at our Institute of International Studies and wish you all the greatest in your journey for knowledge that we will accomplish together.
Our Institute wwas foundedin 1996 and it is the first higher educational institution of Mongolia distinctly founded for preparing specialsts in international relations and foreign country studies.
The Institute is an ideal place to gain the superior knowledge,while the students have opportunities to realize their potentials. Our program is designed and shaped for delivering the most appropriate and specific knowledge in fields of international relations, law, economy,custom,foriegn trade, tourism and political studies. In addition, students have an opportunity to accomplish studies with fluent knowledge of two different foreign languages they have chosen.
Futhermore, those who have successfully completed the undergraduate program have an opportunity to continue study at the Institute for postdraduate program in international relations, economics and international business management.

If you made a decision to become a person with the best education that suits the current demand and challenges of the globalized world, I can guarantee that you will acquire well-equipped knowledge from the Institute of International Studies for achieving you desire and dreams, and would have an opportunity to be confident in quality of your education.

Your future starts with the Institute of International Studies.

Our program includes language and culture study of 5 continents.

University of International Studies

Structure and composition scheme