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Admission procedure

Procedures for admitting students to the undergraduate day program of the Institute of International Studies for the academic year 2023-2024

One. General stuff

  1. For the admission of students to the undergraduate day program of the Institute of International Studies (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of International Studies) in the academic year 2023-2024, the “Law on Higher Education” of Mongolia, Minister of Education and Science No. A/540 dated December 16, 2022 “Student Admission Procedures” approved by order, Order No. A/97 dated March 14, 2023 “On Setting Threshold Scores”, other relevant legal acts and this procedure (hereinafter referred to as the procedure) shall be followed.
  2. Admission procedures, General Admission Test (GEST) threshold scores and other related information will be uploaded to the ousds.edu.mn admission system.
  3. The issue of admission of foreign nationals to UIS will be regulated by the “Procedures for Studying Foreign Citizens at UIS”.

Two. Admissions Committee

  1. The head of the admission commission will manage the organization of the recruitment, and issues that are not regulated by the rules will be discussed and resolved at the commission meeting.

Three. Requirements for registrants

  1. Citizens who want to join the UIS should familiarize themselves with this procedure and register in the admission system.
  2. The registrant can choose from the programs listed in Table 1.
  3. Registrants who select a program with a skills test will take a skills test.
  4. The registrant has a valid approval from the NRC, or is registered with the NRC to issue an GEST in 2023.
  5. A Mongolian citizen who has received general education abroad shall adhere to the “Procedure for equating the evaluation of the international examination with the evaluation of the general entrance examination of Mongolia” approved by the order of the Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of October 6, 2021 No. A/347.

Four. Enrollment registration

  1. Citizens who want to join the UIS must register online at https://ousds.edu.mn or in person at the school.
  2. Registration starts on June 5, 2023.
  3. The registrant will accurately enter the necessary information into the system.
  4. The registrant is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered in the admission system, and UIS is not responsible for the problems caused by entering incorrect or incorrect information.
  5. After registering for admission, the school will check whether you have passed and give you a reply on the email after 1 day.

Five. Selection of applicants

  1. The results of the registrant’s GEST and other information will be downloaded from the NRC to the admission system, the relevant calculations will be made and reported after 1 day.
  2. If the registrant meets the following requirements, he/she will be considered as the best applicant and will be admitted based on the approval, certificate and documents issued by the official authority. It includes:
  3. A graduate of a general education school who participated in the International Olympiad determined by the Ministry of Education and Culture and took 1st to 3rd place and participated in the State Olympiad will be directly admitted.

Six. Discounts and scholarships for entrants

  1. A 50-100 percent discount on the tuition fee will be given to the entrants who participated in the International and State Olympiads determined by the Ministry of Education and Culture and won the 1st-3rd place. It includes:
  2. 100% of entrants who took 1st to 3rd place participating in the International Olympiad,
  3. 100% of entrants who participated in the State Olympiad and won the 1st place,
  4. 75% of entrants who participated in the State Olympiad and won the 2nd place, 
  5. 50% of entrants who participated in the State Olympiad and won the 3rd place, 

Seven. Admission to an undergraduate day program without an GEST

  1. Citizens who meet the criteria of clause 2.5 of the “Student Admission Regulations” approved by the Minister of Education and Science’s Order No. A/540 of December 16, 2022 will be admitted without requiring an GEST.
  2. The citizen specified in Rule 9.1 shall register in the registration section of the website https://ousds.edu.mn. Registration will start on June 5, 2023 at 09:00.
  3. The registrant shall select and register from the list of undergraduate major professional programs specified in table 1 of the regulation.
  4. The registrant shall enter the necessary information in the admission system, apply for admission and pay the registration fee.
  5. When registering, fill out the application form in the admission system and attach the following documents electronically. It includes:
  6. Identity card or equivalent document (foreign passport)
  7. Previous educational diplomas and attachments (if in a foreign language, translated into Mongolian and certified by a notary)
  8. The admission process will be organized by August 15, 2023.
  9. Applicants who have received a response to study will confirm their right to study by paying 0.5 or half of the program hour fee. No refunds will be issued in case of cancellation of enrollment. Applicants who have been accepted to study at UIS will receive their Study Certificate online or at the school.
  10. Issues related to course equivalence shall be regulated by the “Procedures for Course Equivalence at UIS”.

Eight. Others

  1. In addition, the admission of local applicants will be organized in a traditional manner until August 20.
  2. The registrant is responsible for personally familiarizing himself with this admission procedure.
  3. Complaints related to the admission process will be resolved by the admission commission.

Tuition Fees, Discounts, and Scholarship Programs

The first 20 students who register for this academic year will receive a discount of MNT 1 million / one million / from the tuition fee.

  • Students who qualify to study at the school will receive a discount of up to 500,000 MNT, depending on the period, if they pay their tuition fees between July 20 and August 20.
  • Entrants who have received a “Permit” to study at the school will be admitted directly.
  • If you are talented in arts and sports, you will be admitted regardless of your score.

Scholarships offered by the school to students:

  • Every year at the end of the spring semester, a tuition discount is offered for a certain period.
  • For 4 semesters in a row, a scholarship named after the Director is given to a student who has “excellent study” and won a place at an academic conference.
  • A scholarship named after the founder will be awarded to the top student who has achieved great achievements in arts and sports.

Government benefits:

  • Eligible for grants and loans from the Education Loan Fund.
  • The state will fully cover the tuition fees of orphans and students with developmental disabilities.
  • Travel expenses of students coming from rural areas/more than 500 km/ will be paid.

The best students are fully eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Scholarship named after the President of Mongolia
  • Scholarship of “Oyu Tolgoi” company
  • Asia Foundation Scholarship
  • Scholarship of the “Mongolia-Taiwan” Center
  • Courage Fund Scholarship
  • Khaan Bank Scholarship
  • Golomt Bank Scholarship
  • Khas Bank scholarship….degree.

    Eligibility for these scholarships is available.