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Training programs

Bachelor's program

Master's program

University of International Studies


Objectives of the Doctoral Degree Program in International Relations.

Since 1996, the school has been training specialists with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of “International Relations”. / In 2009, “Mongolian and English stenography – a method of learning writing from cursive” In 2009, “History of international relations of the 16th-19th centuries” /60pp./ In 2012, “History of international relations of the 20th century” /54pp ./2012, “Mongolia’s foreign relations and cooperation in the conditions of democratization and market” in 2006, published textbooks and manuals, which have been regularly used in international relations training.

Doctoral training of the school is to prepare high-level specialists with knowledge and practical experience who can effectively engage in academic and research work in the field of international relations. UIS was able to form a team of highly professional scientists and professors who can fulfill this goal.